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Israeli business and industry is built on entrepreneurship, creativity and passion.  But along with that come hard work and many possible operational, administrative and financial challenges which can necessitate significant time and attention. 
Our name and company philosophy conveys the message that the CFO needs to be the manager’s right hand person in every way.  And that is exactly what Dextra is for our clients.
Dextra was founded, and is built on the belief, that our business and financial experts can help you get started and  run the business smoothly. We can help you  make informed decisions, improve efficiencies, meet your business objectives, and enable you to focus on your core competencies.  All this, in a cost effective manner that makes sense, and with the trust that the financial and operational parts of your business are being taken care of in the way you would want them to.
We do that by delivering a 1 stop shop – one company, many solutions custom tailored for all your financial and operational needs.  Proven results, delivered on time, cost effective and with utmost professionalism, integrity and service.
Dextra’s team and services support all types of industries, and companies throughout their full development lifecycle, from seed start-up through high growth and to sustainable maturity. The wide range of innovative services is available turn-key, just-in-time and on-demand.

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