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Managing financial operations of companies and subsidiaries in Israel can be challenging. Israeli business is built on entrepreneurship, creativity and passion. But there can also be many administrative and financial challenges necessitating significant time and attention.  

Dextra delivers a one stop shop for all your company’s financial needs, providing proven cost effective and tailor- made solutions using a unique outsourcing model. Placing financial and operational management in Dextra’s hands will enable you to focus on core business competencies. We will do the worrying so you don’t have to.  About us

Start-up Companies
  Small and Medium Businesses
  Multinational Companies
Complete financial management from seed financing and VC rounds, to high growth.
Financial services for Start-up companies
  An overall cost effective solution for your ongoing financial needs, tailor made to the company's structure.
Financial services for Small and Medium Businesses
  Your representation in Israel; so you can successfully monitor your business from afar. 
Financial services for Multinational companies
  Establishing a New
  Part Time CFO
  Temporary Staff
We handle it all - legal, tax and finance requirements until you are up and running, and after…
Services for establishing a new company
  CFO Augmentation in complex financial matters. A perfect solution for companies who need a part time CFO.
CFO augmentation services
  Professional replacements for staff on leave/busy periods. We can take over quickly, until your employee returns.
Temporary staff services

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