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CFO augmentation services

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If you are a small-medium size business, but do not have a financial manager - Why is a CFO position required?  You might be required by your bank or authorities, or the start of an M&A process or just feel you need assistance in controlling your financials so you can focus on your business development.  If that is the case, Dextra has the right consultants and skill set for you. You can go through the details below or just contact us and our team will be happy to walk you through the process.

Specific services are not limited to, but can include:
  • Implementing and developing procedures and techniques for better cash flow management.
  • Budget planning and monthly check ups
  • Financial implementation of strategic planning
  • Improving work flow of sale starting with PO through supplies and invoice
  • Improving collection system and work flow to dramatically decrease bad debts
  • Assistance in supply chain management
  • Assistance in transitioning to ERP system or improving results from an existing one
  • Planning and management of global taxes if relevant
  • Planning compensation and incentive for employees
  • Negotiating contracts with vendors, insurance and other providers
  • Monitoring the performance of the business and alerting for expected difficulties
  • Implementing employees agreements
  • Monthly reporting to management, investors, banks and others
  • Preparing all documentation for due diligence and accompanying the company through the process
  • Accompanying the company through M&A processes starting with negotiation through the final implementation
  • Work closely with external auditor
  • Coordinate legal issues with company’s legal advisor
  • Consulting in employment agreements (including implementing paragraph 47)

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