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Services for establishing a new company

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Perhaps you are starting a new business in Israel – we would love to help.  Dexra can accompany you through the process of establishing your business and assist you every step of the way.  Once you are “up and running”, we can continue to help by providing you with a one stop shop for all your financial and accounting need. You can go through the details below or just contact us and our team will be happy to walk you through the process.
Specific services are not limited to, but can include:
  • Assistance in opening a legal entity for your business
  • Defining company structure for business and tax purposes
  • Opening tax files - VAT, income tax, social security and withholding tax
  • Developing a business plan
  • Defining financial structure and credit needs
  • Preparing forecast of cash flow and work out solutions
  • Assistance in choosing a bank that would fit your needs and negotiating for best prices
  • Opening a bank account and credit lines
  • Building insurance structure and signing up with a provider
  • Assistance in choosing and implementing an ERP system or a financial system
  • Establishing a payroll system
  • Referrals to financing sources – private and governmental
  • Applying for loans guaranteed by government and other funds
  • Advising of tax benefits according to the business structure and location
  • Creating an authorization workflow for payments to vendors and employees
  • Assistance in preparing employment agreements
  • Stock benefit plan
  • Recruiting financial and administrative staff
  • Developing an internal control system
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