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Financial services for multinational companies

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Dextra can act as your representative in Israel, take the bureaucracy out of your way and help you remotely but successfully supervise your business.  You would work with an English- speaking experienced CPA. You can go through the details below or just contact us and our team will be happy to walk you through the process.

Specific services are not limited to, but can include:
  • Building a global tax plan and managing it
  • Reporting in local and foreign company’s currency
  • Reporting according to accounting structure and needs of foreign company
  • Ongoing updates of company’s business, financial and tax status
  • Handling all communication with tax and other governmental authorities
  • Handling communication with auditor and legal consultant
  • Managing bank account and cash flow
  • Creating a workflow for signatory rights supervised by foreign company to handle all payments
  • Monthly trial balance in Hebrew and English
  • Assistance in employment agreements including implementing paragraph 47
  • Foreign company will have remote access to financial information
  • Full bookkeeping
  • Set up and manage payroll system:
  • Set up a trust account on behalf of the foreign company for the payments to the Israeli employees.
  • Registration with the Income and Social tax authorities in order to transfer funds on behalf of the Israeli employees.
  • Preparing monthly pay slips in Hebrew and English translation to be sent to foreign company for approval/knowledge
  • Full preparation for annual financial reports to the auditors.
  • Monthly reports to tax authorities and payments
  • Preparation of payments to vendors for foreign company’s approval/knowledge
  • Producing Invoices and receipts
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