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The financial and administrative needs of a business can vary from simple bookkeeping to a full financial department, all depending on the structure, requirements and activity of the specific business.
At Dextra, you don’t need to worry about figuring out what your needs are—if you need a CFO, or just a controller; or maybe a full-time bookkeeper vs. a part-time controller? Dextra will help you tailor the right solution for you, based on our extensive knowledge and experience in running financial departments in various companies.
We do the worrying so you don’t have to.
Services can range from a limited project-type engagement to playing the role of a part-time CFO, a complete outsourced financial department, controller, or bookkeeper, with hands-on assistance in all the administrative aspects of the business. Key to making this work though—for you—is that every one of our partners and consultants are senior experienced people with a proven track record of results.

While most business can use all the above services to augment operations and growth; we believe that the value really lies in how the services are positioned or packaged as specifics solutions to answer both your immediate, as well as longer term, business needs. These solutions are specific to your industry and business goals.
We provide the following, specific solutions to everyday business needs:


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