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Many companies postpone the decision of adding a senior level financial manager as they do not want to commit to the high cost in early or volatile times.   On the other hand, the lack of this position could negatively effect the business.  This is where Dextra fits in and how we can help.  You may even be wondering whether it is possible to have this critical position filled by an outsourced employee. 
Dextra has developed a unique methodology that allows you to work with our professionals as if they were your own employees. You will have a work plan tailored to your needs, but we will be available to you anytime with the ability to address all issues.
Dextra’s professionals have extensive experience as full time CFO’s in various industries – that’s why we know how to do it!
You CAN enjoy both worlds – professionalism AND low cost. 

Dextra delivers:
Only experienced CFO’s
Flexibility and adjustment to client needs
Cost effective guaranteed              
Just in time, turnkey solutions
High impact results

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