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Financial services for small and medium businesses

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Dextra can provide you with an overall cost effective solution for your ongoing needs that will include controller services, full bookkeeping & payroll management.The client only needs to work with your dedicated CFO/controller, whom will be responsible for coordinating and managing all activities and additional team members.  You can go through the details below or just contact us and our team will be happy to walk you through the process.

Specific services are not limited to, but can include: 
  • CFO services in accordance with the company needs. For examples Read here.
  • Full bookkeeping services to balance statement, multi-currency, in English and Hebrew, in all business industries
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual trial balance and profit and loss statements
  • Analytical cost reports in various sections –gross margin, payroll, other operating cost
  • Income and sales analytical reports by various parameters – geographic, agents, product lines etc..
  • Cash flow management
  • Bank accounts management
  • Monthly reporting and payments to tax authorities – VAT, Social security, Income tax, Withholding tax
  • Implementing monthly payments to authorities
  • Processing and producing wage slips
  • Salary payments to employees
  • Annual and monthly reports to the tax authorities (forms 106 and 126)
  • Managing social security claims: reserve duty, maternity leave insurance and unemployment insurance
  • Applying termination of employer/employee relationship: compensation (form 161), release letters and transfer of balance of various funds
  • Monthly payments to pension and other employee funds in full coordination with insurance companies
  • Full preparation to CPA or tax authorities’ audit
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